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>because it created the formula that most jrpgs follow
It didn't even create the time travel "mechanic" triggerniggers like you like to brag about.
CT didn't create a damn thing.

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>and English not being your first language explains why you sound so fucking stupid.
Hmmm, I wonder why you're dodging my questions and trying to move your goalposts so much.
>It doesn't matter how I sound because I'm right
Prove it, you still haven't proven anything besides your desperation.
>If obscure Japanese developers make games do they get played?
They do, especially when they get still made to this day.
>The games that got international releases had more exposure and are therefore more influential.
So, like Chrono Trigger? Well, good morning.
And no, you're talking about how the 5th generation suddenly become more "anime" to sell, blissfully and willingly ignoring the fact that cultural schematas exists and by simple reasoning all japanese games are inherently based on Anime
>has more anime shit going
Prove it, you didn't post any title, nor any statistical comparison, not like you can though.
I'm still waiting on that fabled list of Saturn VNs that should somehow outnumber all of the VNs made during the 4th gen by the way.
>And again, you might not like Akira Toriyama but he's one of the most famous artists on the planet for a reason.
Miyazaki is more famous.
And how does that change the fact that his works are literally anime?
>It had over 30 years to prove it's staying power
I fail to see the logic here, games are still being made to this day, how is it not "staying power"?
PSO2 is one of the most successful MMORPG in Japan, Shining series got even a PS3 release, Breath of Fire was arguably the only series(it was "Anime" and "sword and Sorcery since it's inception by the way) that "died".
>History is on my side.
Hahahaha, what?
You didn't answer a single of my questions, stop tring to go back into your little mental comfort zone, lying on the internet only makes you look more stupid.
>is Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation.
Great, so literally any japanese videogame is Anime going by your definition, keep digging your own grave, it's fun.

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>It was for the honor of the late, great Gunpei Yokoi.

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