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A lot of nostalgia. I enjoyed Dreamcast from 2000-2002 possibly more than I enjoyed any other system in its prime, and I think a lot of DC owners share that sentiment.
I also really loved early Xbox 360 (2005-2009) and the PSX but I wasn't playing those games when they were new.

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so for how long can you actually play this? it's an arcade game so it's fun for 5/10 minutes but after that you've seen and done it all already. don't get me wrong I love this game but there really isn't much content for a console game. arcade is fine.

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>30 minute arcade games
Even a Segafag like me knows that you're wrong. You're confusing gameplay with substance. Dreamcast games are fun as hell but you'd be hard pressed to find one game in the library with as much substance as GTA III, Metroid Prime, or Splinter Cell.
People didn't want home ports of 90s games any more man.

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