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wrecked everything but to no avail

the upper upcoming point in the bridge leads to a room with a cyberdemon enclosed in a small pillar with yellow bars, and the lava underneath the marble enclosure is a dead end with a radsuit and a teleporter which only leads to the lava below the aforementioned cybie pillar room with a second radsuit, a non functioning teleporter (the way I came from) and a yellow door which i for obvious reasons can't open

what the actual fuck, did the mapper mean you to entirely keep away from jumping down on this area until you got the yellow keycard? i mean jesus there's literally nothing on the topside either besides a square building with a blue door, and revenants and barons on each side which was tedious as shit to get through and not even then did I find the key

I fucking hate these open arena style maps to death, they're such a fucking slog to get through

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