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>tfw you load a wad that you haven't played in a while and you easily breeze through ambushes you thought impossible back then

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>mfw the people wearing this will be easy pickings in the 2v1 mode

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I always had the thought that it's possible that he's in some kind of time loop where universal events keep repeating but always slightly different than before. But I'm sure Eternal will shit on that idea and go for something more boring.

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What are some maps and megawads from the '90s that you feel still hold up well even today?

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That would be interesting, in the OP video I kinda glossed over that, mostly to keep things going since it was mostly meant as a quick introduction.
I did mention Crispy but gave Chocolate a passing mention, I also did not go over on all the changes that GZDoom has when compared to that or some other ports like PRBoom.

What I had in mind for this new one would be more centered in customization, since right now I have this gloriously bloated setup of Smooth Doom+Vanilla Essence+Sound Caulking and some other things thrown into the mix.

Thanks anon, since you subbed you might want to check out the Black Pants Legion channel since I'm currently doing some stuff for Tex, hopefully it turns out good

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>people are still sharing my GIF edits

I need to get Photoshop again.

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This is really useful, thanks for that. Hopefully I'll have something to show after a bit of reading and tinkering.

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What's the consensus on Ashes 2063 & Blade of Agony?

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No problem.

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You know what? I would do the same.
Points for actual apology and honesty.

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Oh shit, I've been waiting for something like this! Wish I saw this yesterday, I would have had something to do while 4chan was down.
Ok gimme a sec, I'm gonna try to come up with something neat

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That's the one yes, thank you

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it cool anon

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Oh, I didn't know that. Cool.

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>It's /doom/'s 5th anniversary
Damn it's been that long already huh? I remember when I started browsing these threads around the time of doom's 20th anniversary back in late 2013 and IGN put out those videos where they played through KDITD with John Romero and I thought it was the raddest shit. I followed a guide someone posted here on how to set up a sourceport and I've been playing doom ever since.

My fondest memories here are when you guys were doing the 200 minutes of /vr/ mapset and I would check here every day and see the progress and play all the maps you guys posted.

Here's to another 5 years, you fragging bastards.

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Primary fire is much better, the windup for altfire is fine, just make the actual attack animation a little faster and you'll be set.
Keep up the good work.

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Neat, thanks

Big encounters in tiny spaces with barely any resources? Not my idea of fun

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Great work, thank you

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