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sonic thread

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How many games have you guys beaten this year? Remember, if you used save states you have yet to beat the game.

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Sonic was always a masterpiece.

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Get gud scrub

SONIC IS SUPREME. The ultimate games for the ultimate gamers. No platformer is as action packed, beautiful, and soulful as classic Sonic. Mario? Trite camp bullshit. Donkey Kong? Obnoxious, dated, ugly.

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>Do you collect old gems?
I used to, still have a decent-sized collection of Genesis/Sega CD, PlayStation and PS2 games.
>Do you consider it complete if it only has the instruction manual in the box (no flyer/epilepsy warning)?
Yes, just the game, the box and the manual make a game complete in my eyes.
>Do you accept non mint games in your collection?
I have collected plenty of games that aren't mint or CIB.
>also, the price on those is getting rather insane, where will it stop?
Prices will probably stabilize over the next 10 to 15 years before we see a sharp decline in the same way collecting baseball cards fell out of vogue. The prices of many of these games are getting to the point of where it'd be far more cost-effective to order a flash cartridge or an optical drive emulator if you're simply wanting to play on original hardware. Anyone else interested in retro games is emulating them anyway.

While collecting video games has been enjoyable for myself in the past, as I've grown older, I've realized that it's a huge fucking waste of money. People nowadays are even selling reproduction games and passing them off as genuine like some people do for vintage guitars and shit. It's grown to the point of where it's largely not worth it and most collectorfags simply place their collection on a shelf display, never to play them and let the data rot away over time.

TL;DR: Get a flash cartridge/ODE if you like original hardware or emulate if you just want to play video games.

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>United States
>Sega Genesis
>The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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What are the coolest retro game commercials? Can you top these?
Super Jap Metroid
Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat 4

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>Could it have been good, /vr/?
Eh. I was never too impressed with most of the footage that's been available. On the other hand this video:
actually makes the game look neat in a psychedelic kind of way. If the game was more like this from the start it definitely would have turned more heads during development, even if the final game would have likely just been okay at best. Definitely would have been remembered for how unique it was, at least.

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What the fuck was his fucking problem??????

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Close but no Sigar

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>People who can't mixup/footsie always pretend it's all about landing a bigger combo or a super.

>Be beating someone multiple times in a row
>Only really focusing on mixup/footsie game and basic combos
>Losing opponent gets all snarky and implies I'm shitty because I'm not using any long flashy combos and keep interrupting their attempts to pull them off
Gotta love players like that.

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Sonic The Hedgehog

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