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I took the bait, like a dumb fish I am and fired it up again - it's far less relentless as I remember (with the savestates), but man does it drag a lot - 1 seashore lvl, 1 underwater cave, 3 more seashore levels, at least two of which contain the same "3 dolphin" bitch quests). Just give me the damn open sea and north pole already!
I have no fucking clue how i've made it as far as time machine and first 1-2 prehistoric levels back in the day (after which i just gave up and flipped through the levels with a cheat code)

P.S. gotta say, that Retroarch thing I've only recently tried out on PC is packing - that title screen with a 240p s-video shader has hit me right in the feels! (of course, HRT purists would always screech for using real hardware for it, but screw them)

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