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Space Station 13, lots of players, tight community, and it's the best game ever made. I don't know if it's considered retro, but the engine it uses is ancient so it's probably /vr/ related. You'll probably find a thread on /vg/ with more information, but the game is basically like this:

>space station
>you are one of the many, many crew members with different jobs
>jobs vary from legit useful jobs from janitor to engineer, but there's also clowns and mimes
>most of the jobs are somehow connected to each other; engineers uphold the station energy/oxygen/etc. chef makes food, doctors heal in case of accidents etc.
>everybody is needed more or less to keep the station going
>enter the traitors, terrorists, cataclysmic cosmic events, demons, crew mates who are just assholes
>try to survive to the end of the round

In some shifts you might just bake pizzas for 45 minutes and uphold a nice little restaurant with your bartender friends, but then some other rounds you might be gathering supplies and try to survive alien infestation.

It's a mess, and it's great. It plays like a multiplayer roguelike with permadeath, but you can be revived if they find your body and the people working in medbay are competent. Some people call it multiplayer Dwarf Fortress, which is probably a pretty accurate description because the learning curve is pretty steep, but that's just part of the charm; you never really know what the fuck is going on, just like in real life.
Just imagine being a scientist, just fooling around with your science equipment, and then suddenly realizing the station is slowly being sucked into a black hole, and then desperately trying to gather up equipment for your survival.

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So, it's like heavy rp Space Station 13?

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