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>And the ZDoom wiki is completely wrong.
>I mean, come on, this is easily demonstratable. Put A_GiveToTarget in the death sequence of a monster, make it go after one player, have another player kill it, the second player will get the item.

I was busy earlier, but now I'm not, so I had a chance to throw together a test wad to check this.

You are incorrect. While that is true of Death states it's not true of Pain states. The actor does not switch targets just from entering it's pain state. In fact, it's even less reliable of a method than I thought. See for yourself:


The imp on the right is the one that has a check in it's pain states that will log hits and tally the number of matches between what hit it and what it's targeting, the imp on the left is a friendly one. Hit the switch to remove the barrier between them. Tested in both ZDoom and Zandronum.

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