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Since everyone here, including the discord Quake Mapping hivemind Hates every single Quake game that isnt Q1.
Why don't you Niggers removes any references to it on the next OP?
Leave this fucking general which should be on /vg/ as DOOM and Q1 general.

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Is made by Cacobro and that's the only decent porn involving Doomguy. Alright overall

Kriegsland enemies
Hard Doom monsters
Heretical Doom monsters
Cyber Monster Randomizer
Stylish Hell
Colourful Hell

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>Crash was the original player character for Doom, but development was constantly delayed due to Romero, Petersen and Adrian constantly having to stop and bukkake the model used to digitize her sprites.

>this continued for weeks until John Carmack, frustrated with the constant delays, whipped out his gargantuan batter-blaster and erupted a stream of jizz so forceful, it launched the Crash model deep into unknown parts of texas

>the team agreed that a male protagonist would be a better fit for the game after.

Quotes straight from the Bible.

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Here you go

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Sometimes I can't pick a main for Q3, I usually switch between Ranger and Doomguy, and Sorlag too.
Which model is your favourite? Even custom ones such as Cyberdemon, Homer, Duke Nukem and so on.

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any mods that are still active and worth playing anon?

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