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>Civvie11 and Quake
Mmmmmm yes

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My second map for HUH is ocming along nicely.
Should hopefully be putting out a demo in 2 days or so.

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you do like the rest of the degenerates of every kind imaginable: wait for VR to get more popular so more people make obscure waifus

Quake does have an impressive legacy with the different iterations of its engine, just look at HL, CoD, RTCWolf, the Jedi games...the list goes on

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man the robutt really let herself go

also I'm going to keep nagging you until you release the goods instead of blueballing us with cropped porn

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this is quickly veering into non Doom territory

where was I? oh yeah
Sunder is finally out, how long until BTSX3?
hell man at this rate we are getting mordred

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That's adorable

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I find it disheartening that cute buff lizard has to be associated with voreshit

goddam furries, jacking it to animal people is not good enough so you have to keep adding weirder shit into the mix

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lets post memes instead

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>exited for buff tomboy
>its a robot with ayylmao skin color

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you missed an opportunity there not going with something along the lines of "the hilarious huh huh memes audience"

In my defense (or lack thereof since its not really excusable) that command was a last minute addition and in my infinite wisdom I was too lazy to edit my own file and record new footage showing the changes
I should take my time with these things, Its not like I have a deadline

I have yet to play it but I have it noted down
anything else you would like to see featured? I have a couple more suggestions from here and from the wizards, besides more mapjams I was thinking of adding arwop and nesp9

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