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Holy shit, this is really cool. Thanks, anon.

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Sigh. At least my posts are more Doom technicalities and less shitposting drama. Please stop.

> and DOOM doesn't even define flats in it's Texture1 lump anyway

I've said this. It's there in the 'rocket scientist' post. Flats are not defined in TEXTURE1. This is the entire gist of your original error. But lemme try to go over this again in a more approachable manner.

Flats are not 'defined' anyhwere explicitly. They are just graphics with certain limitations you put in the flats namespace, ie. between FF_START and FF_END. They are floors exclusively. If it meets the criteria and it's in the flat namespace, it's a flat. That's all there is to it. No TEXTURE1 fuckery here.

Patches are what you make textures out of. Put between PP_START and PP_END.

The patch table, PNAMES assigns an unique integer to each patch. There's a catch though, which is you can't reference flats or sprites in the table. I mean, you can add an entry with the same name as a flat, but it'll be just as if there was nothing. It'll look for a graphic with whatever name you set, but if only a flat exists with that name, it won't be founf. This does give an error, but from what I've seen, does not make PrBoom fail to load.

Textures are defined in the TEXTUREx lumps. Made from patches. You put these on walls and walls only.

To sum up, you have TEXTURES for walls, and FLATS for floors. TEXTURES are made of patches through this table fuckery and stuff. FLATS are just graphics in the flat namespace. They are separate, don't confuse them.

Try to understand all this, and let's go back to your error. You had a missing texture error for OLOOR1_6. But there was an OLOOR1_6 in the flats namespace, so why? Because PrBoom was looking for a wall texture, not a flat. It was looking for a wall texture because the TEXTURE1 lump (wall textures) had a definition for OLOOR1_6. It errored out because there was no corresponding graphic data for it.

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