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Scuse me?

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Right now I'm in Romaly
Hero- Lvl 15
Fighter- Lvl 15
Pilgrim- Lvl 17
Wizard- Lvl 16

Which classes should I change my party to and at what level should I do it? I was thinking Fighter -> Sage, Pilgrim -> Soldier and Wizard -> Pilgrim.

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After finishing my second playthrough of DQ1 I decided to give this a go. I loved Dragon Warrior 1 (played it first on GBC then on NES.) It's a simple, but very functional open RPG that allows you to wander and dick around all you want...but I can't get into this game.

The party system, while it's cool, just adds so much unnecessary tedium to the game. In the first game, if you ran into monsters that you out-classed by a long shot, you could finish the battle in two button presses and move on, getting the gold, xp and most importantly not interrupting your exploration, which is what made the game so great in the first place. In DW3 if you backtrack you have to fight 7 slimes or 4 ravens and 3 slimes, which just means 2 or 3 minutes of menu shuffling and text scrolling until you defeat them. You can't walk 2 or 3 squares without triggering a battle either so you are pretty much always in combat, shuffling through menus. It makes exploration a lot less appealing and a lot less fun, which is a shame because from what I've seen the world is like 10 times bigger than the first game. Not to mention the whole thing where you select a monster that's already been killed and your character just attacks thin air. What a waste of time. Does the game get better? do you get spells that can attack multiple monsters at once, is there a way to deal with large groups of low powered enemies easily? or should i just say fuck it and try a different game. I like the aesthetic of jRPGs, I just don't like how they waste your fucking time for no reason. Are there any other jRPGs that are kind of similar to the first Dragon Warrior, where you can wander about on your own and not get bogged down with tedium.

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For some reason this gets a lot of run in my retro discussion with my friends. I also feel it's not an amazing game but completely serviceable. Though the box and cart art is superb.

Know the feeling, lost my copy NES dragon warrior III to my brother who lent it to a neighbor that went through a gross divorce, lost in the shuffle, I still have tatters of the manual and the map though. There is one for 80 dollars down the street and it has sat for like a year, forty dollars too much imo. I've replayed on emus and bought the GBC port(which is phenomenal) but I prefer the NES version for nostalgia. Maybe I should get around the SNES version...

I am really looking into trying this game. I am currently in a 7th saga playthrough(hard as fuck but neat to play a hard rpg)and Brain Lord resembles a similar style by your screenshot, totally slipped by my radar for this time period. Will definitely get into at some point.

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