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My experiance with flashcarts for anything prior than the GBA sums up with looking at their price online and not buying them.

Huh, that sounds more reasonable. Where can I get those? Alibaba?

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Yeah but you have to make sure you're not rushing products either.

Games that ship poorly are reviewed based on what comes out first and if patches can later fix these issues (patches released within a month or two) the damage is already done.
I dont even get games on launch now because they *always* ship with really stupid bugs that are very hard to look past.

Also, since I heard that Doom 4 was considered too much like COD, I'm glad it got scrapped instead of rushed to release.

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And people wonder why women are looked down on.

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>Project ILE


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Huh. Well that explains it, then.


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It's funny; the first time I read about the SNES Harvest Moon was in GamePro in their Japan Games section.

They gave it a rating of, like, 2.5-1.5, because they said that it was boring as piss and was no fun at all.

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That's the big problem with Unloved.
It wants to be a big ol' scary tense oppressive atmosphere, and it does. It's some really spooky levels. Then you get the same old SSG and go up against the same old imps and wheeeeeeee there goes any chance I ever had of being scared.

I have yet to play a decent horror thing for Doom, because all of them eventually devolve to circle-strafe-with-your-shotty.

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Yes but like Faqqer just said there are guys who are totally opposed to the idea of adding new things to it.
That ''muh purity'' image came from one guy a few threads back who hated the idea of mouselook and that levels and doomers who used it were playing the game wrong - then when asked to agree to disagree he acts like a teenager and is like "oh...well i guess you can play it wrong if you like".
>then when mocked he pretended to be other people and was like "durr stop replying here we go again" to try and assuage his butthurt

All from a misguided idea that somehow the original guys at ID wanted their game to be totally how it was on release and that it would never really evolve and change that much which as Carmacks statement shows, is absolutely misguided.

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