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>David Spade as Sparx
No wonder this franchise was dead for ten years

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Read the fucking thread. It's a in-game screenshot but a mockup

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>Ever since I read Don Qixote I mostly just play Shmups now
>Don Qixote

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>Talking about that others caring about gamer cred while acting pretentious about how they choose to play games

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>I'm FtM myself

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I never said I agreed with her. I just implied that the guy I quoted was a retard because he used that article as a ''''''proof'''''' that James' wife got fucked by a black guy.

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>Every piece of land is sloped
>Look at land I can purchase
>60% of it is a lake

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>tfw trading my Game Boy version of Battletoads for a Tamagotchi as a kid because that shit was trendy at the time
I wish I could go back in time and slap my younger self in the face.

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>Playing RL arsenal
>oh wait I get it now
>yeah I think I'm doing bretty gud
>find out weapons are modifiable
>scroll through all the weapons and test all of them on BsOH

I feel genuiney disgusting.

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100% this game when i was still a twit in high school

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