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how can someone play this fucking slowly jesus christ

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>Mfw i just tried to play doom with a gamepad.

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>There will never be a crystal clear DS/3DS/Wii/Wii U

Feela fucking AWFUL man.

The best we can hope for is some chinese to make replacement cases and you just know its gonna be cheap plastic that cracks and scratches super easy.

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But the PS1 port was good.

Rather than be a boring, already-overdone straight port that would get horribly butchered to the limitations of development during the PS1's early days, it did it's own thing with reworked maps and a bunch of new maps thrown in to make up for what was taken out. It made the effort to have a modestly cool lighting system for sectors and even had the same sound design that would later be used for Doom 64, which made everything a lot cooler.

The only things you'd really miss are the replaced levels and the Icon of Sin, SS Soldiers and Archvile enemies. But nobody really cared, because it was a better 1995 PS1 shooter than fucking PO'ed.

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