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fighting vipers was ok but fighters megamix is fucking fantastic.
>quick compilation game as filler until vf3
>its better than vf3

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i fucking love this game but really it was just vf2 + fv1 + extras.
graphically its way worse than vf2 for some reason. models are noticeably lower poly.
the selling point back then besides the merging of both games was that the vf2 characters have some vf3 moves.

sega probably saw it as a filler release before vf3 saturn.

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its nice someone brought up fighters megamix
it was pretty ballsy of am2 to combine both series. vf2 saturn looked a lot better but fmm pretty much overshadowed it.
still a bit sad saturn never got that vf3 port though.

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this was supposed to be a quick crossover to get people hyped for vf3, but it ended up being a lot better imo.

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it was decent but not enough good games in stores. this is when i learned about imports.

personally I bought it expecting there to be a sonic game. like nights into dreams and fighters megamix were amazing, but there was no main sonic title to sell the system.

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fighters megamix defines the sega saturn

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they're still selling vf2 and fv1 digitally.
its not gunna happen

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