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Hacx was an iwad in the vein of Strife, Hexen, etc.
It was released early because development was protracted way too long, and by the time it came out 3D engines like Quake were storming the scene. So they ended up rushing the product and released a buggy, unfinished, and unpolished product that had promise but not much else.

So in comes a group of fans hoping to fix things up and rehaul it to be the game it should have been with Hacx 2.0, but development is...slow.
Very slow.
Very, very slow.
Like "Marty Kirra's development speed seems like F-Zero GX racing" slow.
Like, we'll probably get good ZDoom netplay, Zandro caught up with GZDoom, Demon Eclipse 2, Mordeth 4, and the cure for cancer before it's finished slow.

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