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Why does this game have such a bad rep? I expected to play a dumpster fire but it's actually pretty good once you get a grasp on the combat. I'm surprised to see how many staples of the series originated here too, OoT feels genetically closer to AoL than LoZ.

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EGM had me thinking this game is trash.

What wrong opinions did you absorb from gaming rags?

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I've heard of fighting games like MK2 reading your input, but I just heard someone say that Zelda 2 enemies (knights, lizards, dark link) read your fucking input and it blew my mind. Is this true? I haven't been able to find evidence of someone beating dark link other than through attrition, rather than finding a pattern or method to beating him, and this would explain a lot. Also, I've read the Japanese version doesn't allow the corner "trick" to be him.

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How is this game so god damn difficult? Is it just a matter of needing to grind beyond your breaking point? Do I just suck? No Nintendo-produced NES game has ever broken my spirit in such a way.

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Its an amazing game and the ones who dont like it got filtered by the best Zelda game

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This is unironically superior compared to the first game.

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What are your opinions on this game anons? I liked it when I played but people are saying it's a bad game.

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>'Zelda II' is NOT part of the title

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>add player invasions in dungeons

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This is the best zelda game

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It's time to discuss the best Zelda game ever made.
Tell me about your
>Favorite Palace
>Favorite Spell
>Favorite BGM
>Favorite Boss

Maze Palace
Battle Theme 1

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I don't even really find it that difficult, to be honest.
Also Milon's secret castle and Fester's quest.
Honestly all you really need to beat these is some time and patience.

>Getsu Fuuma Den.
Great game, kind of a hidden gem, but kinda hard at times.
I had beaten it once a few years ago, picked it up again just recently.
Man, I don't know how I beat it the first time. I think a walkthrough is mandatory.
Especially for the mazes.

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Hey, /vr/! why aren't you intelligent enough to acknowledge that Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is the best Zelda game?

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I love Zelda II. I realize that there are other people that like it but it is generally hotly contested among Zelda fans.

It holds up really well as its own game (fun dungeons, hard but fair gameplay that can be mastered) But not really well as a Zelda game, it's actually indefensible because the "open world" has a lot more bottlenecks than the first game. It reminds me a lot of Metroid II actually, a great game with superior gameplay to the first metroid but focused far less on nonlinear exploration.

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Choosing just ONE favorite game is hard.
I'd have to go for Zelda 2, GUN-DEC or Kabuki Quantum Fighter.

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This is the best Zelda game. Only nostalgia fags hate it.

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I've been playing Zelda games since 1993 and I still think that The Adventure Of Link is the best one in the retro Zelda installments

If you underrate this pioneer influential proto-action-rpg gem then you know shit about video games desu

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Didja know:


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Is it just me or is this game... shit?

I never played the zelda games when I was a kid, but now that we got the nes classic I figured I'd give them a shot. I played the first one and absolutely loved it. Lot's of good times. But I started the second one, and I can barely stand it. The RPG elements are cool, but otherwise it just feels really cheap and shitty, almost like this was the first attempt at a zelda game, and the first one was the polished gem. The difficulty curve is drastically heightened shortly into the game. I can't stand to play it. I just want to skip to a link to the past. Would I really be missing anything?

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Zelda II Thread, discuss.

Fuck Moa's.

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