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Then what on earth are you so upset about? Calm down.

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It's interesting how spiteful you are to the original game, saying that nobody cares for it, while pretending to be a huge fan of it at the same time when it suits your argument that BloodCM isn't a travesty. This only further proves my point that you don't actually know jack shit about Blood, let alone care about it. And every time the arguments are made and clearly show why the recreation is a turd, they're swiftly ignored and you fall back on ad hominem or "lol it looks fine to me."

Regardless, there's no point in continuing this little discussion. All the points have been made. You can take a retard to water, but if he's too retarded to drink it, what can you do? Meanwhile people that actually understand video games and the importance of gameplay, and are actual fans of Blood, won't have any trouble in seeing that BloodCM is clearly vastly inferior to the real game. One last time: it's a janky, cheaply made abomination constructed by some amateur bootlegger, rife with audiovisual quirks up the ass and completely lacking of the richness of the real game's gameplay and all the fine details that it's full of. Not a source port, just a shitty and completely inaccurate attempt at a recreation. But hey, muh 1080p and widescreen.

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