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I couldn't tell you, all I know is when I see at least 2 ppl playing Deathmatch and it's not Megagame I cream my pants and hop on that shit

good right?

There's more to life than games anon, unless you literally can't relate to him on anything then try to keep friends near.

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Eviternity looks radical.
I looked at Skillsaw's list and picked out Valiant and Ancient Aliens.

Plenty to go through for now.

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Why add to something that's already complete? BoH design was fine in the reboot. The arm blades are hopefully just a variant of the original. Just like the cacodemon with the horns.

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Clean the pins (top and bottom) thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or a deoxidization agent and make sure the everdrive is securely in the 32x. Not tilted back, and not forward either, you want it neutral. It's picky about that sort of thing because the connection isn't really tight up there. You know how the SNES kind of locks the game in place and has a nice eject button? Well, the 32x kind of defies logic and delivers high quality colorful 2D graphics and reaches the 3D finish line at an ever so adorable last place. Now that you own one of these big dirty dust collectors it's now your job to maintain it as well.

Typical household objects that could reach inside the top of the 32x
>Flattened cottonswabs
>A nice damp cotton rag
>A dampened credit card with a piece of paper over it
>Pencil eraser (I've never done this, take with a grain of salt)
>If you want you could open the thing and clean it that way but I'd advise not to damage anything or displace the white ribbons

Congrats, your cleaning item of choice should look like someone wiped their ass with it. If you're wondering what this foretells then that means you did a good job. After letting the thing settle for a bit you should be able to play all 5 of the fucking games the thing has. That includes
>Magic Dancing Grasshopper
>Knuckles but No Sonic: Development Hell Edition
>Doom: Holy Shit The Deadline is tomorrow Edition
>John Deadcorn's Revenge
>Mortal Kombat 2 again
>Oh no, Dr.Connor's class
>Really late port of an awesome arcade game (seriously take your pick)
>Shadow Squadron: It's your typical space adventure but HAHA DID YOU SEE THAT? THEM SHIPS SURE BLOW UP REAL GOOD 10/10

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post cacos

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Anyone else find Doom II's level design kind of bad?

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Has anyone here played UNLOVED?

Not the .wad, the actual game on Steam.

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The "bullet sponge" thing is why I prefer Doom 2 over Doom 1.
Because of no SSG, Pinkies, Specters, and especially Cacodemons break the pace of the game too much.

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>Getting my ass kicked in one level of Heretic.
>Despite having years of FPS experience and mouse support, neither of which people had back then.

The Maulotaur's one-shot ability is legitimately fucking bullshit.

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It really feels like they never even played the first Doom

>dude self-awareness
>dude non-serious story
>dude nonsensical hell and satanic shit

I mean it was nice seeing Hugo talk about it, but thinking about this in perspective that it took them THIS fucking long and after several meh games and even halfway development just to see that right from the start what Doom was all about

All of what he talked about were present in the first Doom, and basically it seems like they got really excited at something that was obvious to everyone else except them

He even said that if he mentioned on how short notice they had in time to develop things after their "brilliant" realization, it would be irresponsible. They really were irresponsible with the time, resource, and the Doom name itself for so long

They wanted to ride on the Doom name and send it a one-way ticket to Call of Doom, only to cancel it at the last minute and take it to where it belonged, which is exactly what happened.

The documentary really gave me mixed feelings of anger and at the same time gratitude that it turned out fine I guess...

I mean really, "dude this is gonna be so awesome, doomguy is gonna be so badass, fuck the story lmao" like, was that not obvious? the comics, the first game, the reason why mods and wads are popular: people just want to kill shit and it's like a new novel idea to them

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>red (((water)))
>you were supposed to casually run over it to finish the map

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>brutal doom gets taken down

I don't know how I feel about this

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>edgy aesthetics
>shitty edgy music


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>random cyberdemon at the end


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ok mr. artist if u think u can design a good cyberdemon so much open up mspaint and draw a cyberdemon from memory

can't do it? looks like i win again haha

t. d4 team

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>no metal
>it's just rock instead


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It's alright, I don't blame you. I'm actually very thankful of your help.

>Are you running this within the game? Or outside the game?

Within the game. After launching GLHexen2, I press the Esc key to reach what hopefully is the command line terminal for the game.

>...or added to a shortcut (Windows)

I don't think I've tried the Windows shortcut method, primarily because from past experience it tends to just simply stretch the screen to put instead of actually adjusting the resolution. At this point I might give that a go as an absolute last resort, but it tends to make games look too horrid to be playable, in my opinion.

>Have you tried using the in-game menu to set resolution though?

Yes. Oddly enough, even the in-game menu to set resolution lists all of the compatible resolutions such as the desired 1280x720, but it cannot be toggled directly and it even explicitly states to use command-line inputs to change resolution.

A bit of an oversight really, resolution and controls are among the first things always configured in any FPS.

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SGtMarkIV is now transgender.

What's her new name?

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the starter pack literally has everything and more

download it, extract it somewhere, and click on ecwolf.exe

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>beat boss in final level
>"congratulations, you truly have brought DOOMâ„¢ to your enemies"

are you fucking kidding me?

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