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mhm. do you remember what they say?

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He probably knew it but he thought you are at a point in your life where you needed that win for yourself.
You must be poor right? Or else you would have just bought one on ebay instead of stealing from someone close.
Heh and he even gave you a game as a present, he knows how fixated you are on video games because they are the only way you get to flee from your reality.
The confession you just made was probably bothering more than you'd admit; your interpretation of having a karma bank account to justify doing bad stuff to people around is a bit concerning, it shows that you only give to charity because of guilt... Probably from a serious fear of death. But hey, all is forgiven in the sacred womb of the /vr/ confession thread.

Our next session will be on Saturday if it's OK with you?

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What you call horrible rendering I call an excellent homage to Squigglevision.

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Is your life so perfect that something as insignificant as achievements warrants your constant active resentment and hatred at all times because you have no other problems, or is your life so shitty that you have taken to actively hating everything you can no matter how insignificant because you cannot find joy anywhere else?

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