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>muh sprites

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>Yoshi's story is a piece of shit riddled with ugly as hell CGI graphics everywhere
Sorry for your shit taste in aesthetics. It's a beautiful game with some of the best graphics of the gen that still look good today, meanwhile almost everything on the PS1 library looks like hot trash. PS1 couldn't handle the number of sprites on-screen that Yoshi's Story has, nor the filtering, nor the color depth, and sure as hell not at 60fps with such fluid animations. Maybe if you broke up the levels into 1/3 the size and separated them by loading screens and reduced the sprite count by half, lmao. And even then it would look like an unfiltered mess like all PS1 games do. Saturn could handle the sprite count, framerate and then literally nothing else. There's a reason these consoles didn't produce games with these graphics: because they couldn't.

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I just feel like a game like yoshi story would be a little bit more appealing to a kid under the age of 3 rather than the SNES's selection of RPG games and difficult games like DKC

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