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Ehhh I'm not sure I would go straight from ps4 to 2. 2 (while a very good game in its own right) is pretty much worse than 4 in every way possible. Its WAY grindier and lighter on story.

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1 and 2 are good (2 is really grindy though), 4 is great, 3 is alright. If you've got a lot of patience play through them in order, but if you just want the best of classic PS, play 4.

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pic and filename related

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Honestly, I'd suggest you to wait for that Generations 2 translation and play both of them on the ps2.
You can even use your clear data from the first game in the second, to unlock some sweet bonuses.

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Just play the whole SMS/GEN games (well, I guess PSIII can be ignored), since they are all connected, playing them all will enrich your experience greatly.

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I've played damn near every English translated JRPG, yet I haven't really touched the classic Phantasy Star games. I've tried playing all four of them, but haven't really given them enough time. Visuals and everything always looked really awkward and put me off.

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Are the PSII text adventures any good?

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