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That's a relatively new style of shroud, what you're looking for is one of these.

>tfw germans cried angry tears and shouted that shotguns were unfair and barbaric (whilst themselves employing mustard gas)

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>But it's a pretty bad gun
In what sense? I've seen only one guy have issues with his in a video.

As for traditionalist shotgun, I figure he'd go for something like an 1897 Trench Gun or Ithaca M37, something he could slamfire, if he's old fashioned, I figure he'd be oldschool tacticool

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It was one of the earliest 'light' automatic weapons that was practical (the Bergman MP-18, came first, but I'd say they're just about even in terms of practicality).
Well, 10lbs loaded was very lightweight for a shoulder-fired automatic weapon in the day.

This video is of a WW2 era M1A1 variant (which I personally like a bit better), but the function is the same, once they got past that Blish-Lock nonsense and made it a blowback gun.

Very simple and rugged, literally only one moving part in the gun itself when firing, there's no hammer or striker, there's no locking, there's no separate firing-pin, the bolt is one solid piece, the firing-pin is a solid part milled into the face of it, the weight of the gun itself working in place of the hammer/striker.

I think a usermade campaign set in a (partially) wartorn WW1 Europe could be cool as fuck for Blood, with some of the cooler guns from the time.
Like dual Artillery Luger pistols, a Winchester Trenchgun taking the place of both the pitchfork and shotgun, it has a sword bayonet for stabbing, and can make Germans assmad with it's rapid buckshot firepower.

Also a proper flamethrower, with long reach and lots of fuel, dynamite and flaregun is still good, vodoo doll and leech staff can get some interesting reskin or reinterpretation, new magic weapons are always interesting. Also artillery barrages, firebombing and mustard gas.

It'd be like NecroVision on crack.

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