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its the little things

there are more frames, yes, but there are some weird jumps between different states, weapons have inconsistant select/deselect timings, plus various effects like fov and pitch changes on shots arent as smooth as d4d ones.

im not saying praetor hands arent done well, they are, they are just bulky and ugly, block the screen estate, clash with the graphics style ( same can be said about new weapon sprites as well ) of the game, while adding absolutely nothing.

hud isnt the same, d4d hud is cornered, uses "calmer" colors, coherent font sizes, and is overall less intrusive. This one on the other hand has pointless lines, random bright gradients and poor font choices. I tried both versions of the d4t hud, they are all poorly done. And that fucking weapon sidebar, wtf was the author thinking

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