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I have to imagine translating them would be pretty hard, the language and prose used is probably more complex, and generally I don't think selling a game where you do nothing but read text would be easy to market. Kids would have no interest and adults wanted more "edgy" stuff. Interesting genre though. I've always been really curious about the Yaku games since Hideshi Hino, a famous horror manga artist, wrote both of them. There was actually someone who was making translations on youtube for the second game but they quit after a couple of videos unfortunately.

Recently discovered one called Kamaitachi No Yoru 2 and the urban legends surrounding it. If you complete the game and get all four endings there a chance that, upon starting a new file, the game will begin to go apeshit. The screen glitches out and you're given a bunch of nonsense answers. Selecting one makes a random event play out. All the events seem to be bizarre rants from a developer talking about christ, murder, them being hospitalized, and other really bizarre shit. No one know if this is some developer's weird joke or if it ties into the game in some way. it's weird because, from what I'm reading about it, the series seems to more be murder mysteries then actual horror.

Got to say, it genuinely did spook me a bit when I first saw it. Whoever made these did a good job.

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