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but these two are the only good 3D final fantasy games

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>On the homestretch on the final lap? Blue Shell.

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>all replaced with fruit machine places for junkies now

Can you explain this to a burger???

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>DuckStation is a Mednafen fork

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>>7124097 I have a question for atari 2600 programmers

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What's that absurdly cute Japan only 2D action game on the PS1 where you're a little girl running around a forest/farm killing monsters and raising pets?

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> when will mario have an option in character customization to decide if wherther or not you have a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis? i would like to have this their in character customization to decide as to wherther or not my characters penis has a foreskin or a circumcised foreskin, just for character and RP flavor for surgery and stuff

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WTFrick does "of all time" even mean? Until now? Or making assumptions about the future? I hate that phrase before you die

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Why are you still bumping my shitty thread and why hasn't it been deleted?

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Is OP thinking this strictly-collectable is needed for the stuff we do with PCs now?

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The supply of ROMs is infinite, so why does anyone care what collectors do?

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This game has been a GDQ tradition since 2016 and you're just now learning of it? Do you parasocial zoomers even play video games?

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Do you not have a PC? raspiss lacks the power for run-ahead and shaders

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But this is a general purpose computer and I am queer?

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Did a parasocialite just post a video about this old GDQ tradition?

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gone now. Was on couch, had a nice mane and prominent adam's apple

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Lads I just went into a 5 minute meltdown because I realised I had left Soego's skull on Morte when he got kidnapped and that I had to kill some other powerful NPC for a skull without my best fighter, give up on Morte entirely or reload a save which is just before even going to Pharod's cuck kingdom. I checked the on the internet and it seems Morte dropped his items when he got stolen. Thank fucking god I was starting to think some alien force prevented me from completing the game and deleted my saves or made me lost my interest in the game when I get to Curst. Was starting to have flashbacks of me in Fallout dropping or selling the holodisk I realised I needed the moment I started talking with the Master.

Btw can anyone tell me how Ultima VII, a game 5 years older than Fallout, the BG games and Planescape which are slightly newer than Fallout just destroy the first game's sidequests so fucking hard?

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why has this meme of N64 being the only good console of its generation become accepted in the general consciouness of today? just name about any revered PSX/Saturn game and everyone will cry "OVERRATED! AGED LIKE MILK" while creaming themselves to N64 games running at 15fps. Also a similar attitude is started to be seen in regards with the next gen (PS2/XBOX overrated, GC full of "hidden gems") but this is not the place to discuss that generation.

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