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Thanks for this, m8

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Sure do.

I don't have as much time as I used to, and with most modern games elongated to an almost absurd degree to justify their price and keep up with the competition, I rarely get the chance to properly invest in one.

There’s also less focus on style and character in modern gaming, and more on drama and scale. Ironically, the standard of writing is still, somehow, dreadful, so they're usually pretty turgid to sit through, especially for 20+ hours plus fetch quests.

Which is where I think retro games really shine. Limited by the technology of the period, older games were designed to provide quick hits of exciting gameplay and memorable style, to encourage players to come back. They also don't get hung up on their own importance.

Games like arcade conversions that really only last 15-20 minutes are perfect. I still regularly play Street Fighter Alpha 3, R-Type for the SMS, MD Herzog Zwei and anything Streets of Rage.

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