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>check out sunder update
>that palette
>those extra notes in map03 midi

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>Nothing but the respect and admiration of other people in the welfare queue.
Based Free Radical.

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I would love to hear about how this turns out.

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Can't say which one is best. I like em all for different reaaons 'cause it's allll Mario Kart baby.
Also, Wario's VO was and is the best in any game ever.
CRT was great, same with Jak X CR.
You can't compare combat racing games with sim or arcade racers, apples and oranges kids.

You just had to be playing the games at the times to apprecite them. Others will say MK is for babies or normie cucks or whatever other buzzwords, but then they're probably the ones who propagated the ol bit wars.
Entitled brats.
I would lmost have killed for all consoles that were out at any given era of gaming.

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Hey /vr/ I need help tracking down this game for a very long time ago, it was a arcade game with two games on it, I believe it was Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-move) but I could be completely wrong BUT it also had another game on the machine that I can't for the love of god remember! I remember these two kids running around beating shit up, one kid was blonde with a pony tail and the other beat shit up with a yoyo, and it was side scrolling action. I remember it being at CiCi's Pizza almost 16 to 20 years ago

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