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I don't think Redneck Rampage gets enough love. It has a lot of problems in terms of weapon/enemy design, but the level design is great. I certainly enjoyed it more than I did Shadow Warrior.

I'm playing through it right now, and I'm enjoying it, but I'm not really a fan of the AI partner stuff (though you can at least drop them off somewhere to keep them out of your hair), or the dumb bobbing crosshairs, but I'm a sucker for a lot of what it has to offer.

I like Blood a lot, but it's way overrated as some kind of hidden masterpiece that only true masters of playing old videogames would know about. The level design alone leaves a lot to be desired, and it's ultimately just a less solid experience than Duke 3D, just one with some neater ideas.

Nope, it has been delayed to "the first quarter of 2019" which sucks, but I hope it just lets them finish the game properly. I'd much rather wait for the game to be 100% done than rushed in any way, since the preview showed that the game just has so much to offer, and could probably be my favourite Build game if the rest is as consistent in quality (and some more weapons/enemies are added).

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I maintain that Duke 3D is still the best Build game, the level design is excellent with each level logically following on from the previous one, the enemy design feels varied enough to consistently provide a challenge without feeling un-fun, Duke has a fun personality and the weapons are great (with a possible exception to the freeze thrower). Duke 3D also has a bunch of well designed expansions, with Life's a Beach alone being better than any of the other Build expansion I'm aware of.

Blood is good, but feels like it needed another couple months to tighten the bolts on it with stuff like the crouching bugging out a fair few of the enemie's AI, the fire sometimes being a death sentence even at 100 health and 100 fire armour thing, and even just to generally make the levels a little more fun and cohesive, the final level pack especially feels really incoherent as you just go to random places from random places, Blood is one of the few games I'd actually recommend fan-made level packs for with Death Wish. The enemy design is engaging to fight but again some enemies just feel unfinished where they spaz around in the air for 90% of the time or just can't hurt you if you crouch, and the weapons are cool but I never really felt like the voodoo doll, tesla rifle or life-leech felt satisfying to use. The Plasma Pak expansion is kind of lame with a bunch of incoherent levels, but Cryptic Passage is alright.

I've never really liked Shadow Warrior, I try to give it another chance every few months (and will again in future) but it really just is not fun to me, all the levels are ugly and boring, the weapons are lame, the enemy design is just uninteresting.

I do think that Ion Maiden is shaping up to be a really solid Build game, and if it's as consistently good as the preview (and adds some more weapons/enemies) it'll probably end up as my second favourite Build game.

Also, I'd just like to say that if you haven't played Outlaws then you probably should.

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