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You know, the thing literally nobody anywhere on earth ever asked for; a funkopop themed Gears Of War game, for mobile phones.
I never even really liked GOW very much and even I'm baffled and a little upset.

By far the most unexpected announcement of E3.

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I thought OP was being retarded, very interesting facts.

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Why did Toriyama make the hero of VII look like a kid when he's 16? He's the same age as V's hero first time skip but looks no where near as old

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Hell, that's right. I forgot.

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>Joe Ilya makes one of the less retarded posts in the thread, if a little vapid

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If I had to run with it?
3 acts
Act 1: Space Marines investigate phobos, leaving doomguy in the hangar. They find scientists who explain roughly what is happening
Act 2: Doomguy goes in to meet up with the last marine at the hell teleporter. marine gets killed by the barons, DG kills them and goes through teleporter
Act 3: Deimos Base embedded into Hell, finds out the demon master plan. Fights the cyberdemon and spider mastermind. Tries to close gateway to earth, but gets sucked in. (A bit of a cliffhanger ending.)

I doubt it would ever work well.

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>It's not like ZDoom or Darkplaces really add or change anything.

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