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>to counter the above, droids (and marines) were given a bad case of "stormtrooper accuracy" so they won't kill you instantly from 4km away. This gives you room to maneuver and shoot back. The longer the distance the worse their aim (and yours), so you can take a risk and sprint from cover to cover for example, retreat to a safer place, or bait them into following you (baiting them is the most efficient way of killing them).

The "Tactical Pulse Rifle" that the combat droid class starts with is a bit more accurate over longer distances (zoomed fire doesn't work as it should, though, don't try to use it) but it comes without a grenade launcher

>all guns got their ammo values reverted back to normal amounts. Rifle went from 60 to 95 per magazine, smartgun from 100 to 150, flamethrower from 50 to 100. Ammo is rarer to find and xenos have just a little bit of additional health. They're also just a little bit faster now, meaning all of them, not just the runner, are faster than you, but only a tiny bit
>new sounds for every weapon, including shooting, reloading, dryfiring and grenade firing for the rifle (minus the VP70 pistol). I used the most true to the original pulse rifle and smartgun sounds I could find
>weapons are more powerful (compared to original mod, not my earlier changes).
>it only takes a burst of about 6-10 bullets to kill normal xenos (drones, warriors, runners), but they like jumping around to avoid fire so you'll end up using more
>new sounds for turret (firing and active sounds)
>a lot of new and replaced sounds for xenos, predators, facehuggers, eggs, praetorians and queens,one or two for marines and droids are not so noisy anymore
>xeno steps are much quieter and they don't hiss as often

yep that's what I tried but the mod didn't recognize it for some reason, so I had to make do with what I had

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