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Lufia:Ruins Chasers on the PSX. To my knowledge, no in-game footage exists anywhere.

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Based Lufia appreciators. Good to see people can appreciate Lufia 1 in spite of its jank.

I'd like to think the cancelled PSX entry Ruins Chasers had more ambitious plans for the overarching story than what The Legend Returns eventually became - The original story blurb for Ruins Chasers mentions Arek teaming up with the Sinistrals for a final confrontation on Doom Island, humanitys technology having advanced to the steam age, some weird religious cult that controls the world after having allegedely saved it during a cataclysmic event, etc.

When the PSX entry fell through, I think what Neverland did was put the game on ice and made TLR as essentially a stopgap title until they would have the chance to make Ruins Chasers properly. Which, unfortunately, never happened.

Miyata did confirm he still has the story for Ruins Chasers written down and saved on his PC during a fan event a while back.

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A few years back, some janitor was cleaning out an old storage facility and appearantly found a design document for Ruins Chasers. He posted it on Ebay with pictures and asked for like 5000 USD for it. I already posted one of the images here >>8724758, posting the rest.

Unfortunately, afaik nobody ended up buying it and I've no idea what happened to the documents after that.

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Potato quality but she can also be seen in some concept art on the top left

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Low-res as shit, but unfortunately its the best I have. Part of the design docs found in the warehouse. These pics come from the Ebay auction where the guy tried to sell them for like 5000 USD or something. As far as I know, nobody paid up - the Lufia fanbase isn't numerous or autistic enough to rally together for a fundraiser.

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>The design docs for Lufia 3 were found in an basement by a Janitor who put them up on Ebay for like 5000 dollars
>The Lufia fanbase is so splintered off and niche they didn't have the resources to rally and pool their money and buy it
>Nobody knows where these things are now

feels bad man

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