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You don't think that being such a hugely rated mod on mod DB with hundreds of thousands of downloads and all that press did not bring in a single person to the game who may go on to try something else?

Fucking lol, honestly dude. Why don't you make some effort to look at this rationally.

Mark was an idiot though the stuff he did had his name attached which was the real sticker. His mouth and not knowing when to stop was one thing, telling that guy to kill himself was probably the tipping point.

Mark is not the point however.
The point is that of all the shitloads of people who played Brutal, some would go on to play other doom items.

Saying they're all COD kiddies or whatever just makes it easier to hate mark because it does not take the good with the bad.
Also, mark actually made decent maps.

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Sounds like we agree then.
I dont mind gameplay mods but I always fire them up and romp around for 10-20 minutes before stopping and rarely going back to them over and over again. Though I do like firing up russian overkill and annihilating old slaughtermaps that I used to play.

It's thanks even to sourceports and better editors that doom is still used as much as it is.

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