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Just something I'm concepting out atm. can't really guarantee anything I say will come about it.

Standalone GZDoom project is the idea. WE'LL SEE.

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? boxes don't work well on /vr/ generally...

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Don't know if this kind of thread ever pops up here but do people try and revive/port old games that are available in source form for Linux etc?

Many games have already been ported I know, like the big ones like Doom, Quake, Hexen. But there are games that didn't get so much attention like AvP.
Only asking as I might attempt to port it just to see if it can be done. Haven't done any game or graphics programming before but I have done a lot of general application and web programming and I know Linux fairly well.

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make a map that's actually the mona lisa when viewed from above

the hardest part will be the smile

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>>back in my day

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I think the thing that keeps b/s/t threads from being successful these days is a mixture of sellers lowballing the hell out of sellers and sellers not being realistic about prices of stuff they're offering, and no one wants to meet in the middle.

Also general hesitancy of doing business with anonymous strangers they met on 4chan.

Sucks though, because if I'm gonna buy something I'd rather give my money to a /vr/trooper than some random fucko on craigslist or ebay.

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I'm surprised I haven't heard about this series until now, looks like it's right up my alley.

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This is why i wish to learn how to code. So that i can wright script for the NES.
That 16 pin under the NES is the access port to the MB,modern chips are compatible with such ports.
Step1:mod a NES
Step2:learn Viper

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Just do it

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my question is, why?
what is the objective of doing this?

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I just finished the original Mother and I can now say that I finished the entire series.

That ending when Ninten's father calls to inform you to not rest easy yet... What the fuck does that even imply?

Other than that, it was nice. I definitely prefer 2 & 3, but the original really isn't a bad game at all.

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As a rule of thumb: If Arino can beat a game, so should you.

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