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Not same anon but thanks. I’ve been traveling a lot so I’m thinking of keeping a couple spare consoles and some flash carts in my car.

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For those who care: there's now a "lite" version of Chaotic vanilla... which simply spawns (status-inflicting) new traps. And nothing else. Oh, and it's also zandronum-compatible -- which means you can play it with your """"friends"""". :^)
http://www.mediafire.com/?lvpd4dzbd7jw512 Check spoilers for download link.

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For some reason my gzdoom was on software not openGL thanks either way

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>be me 14 years back
>plays doom
>beats the first episode
>''ups, it's a demo, you have to buy the full version''
>the message also contains screenshoots of the second episode, with the bfg, the plasma gun, lost souls and cacodemons
>holy shit new monsters and guns, i need it!
>no internet at that time to pirate it
>my brother wouldn't allow me to play in his psx ultimate doom nor duke nukem
>few years later i buy it
>finished it
>more years later i see some videos of doom 2
>holy shit this game had MODS?
>play with the oldest mods
>still playing this game to this day

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I want to play this.

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If I had any experience with modding Doom I would totally try doing it as a summer project. But I don't have any experience at all. I think it would be hilariously fun.

Feelguy and sadfrog had such a good run together. But smug pepe smashed it all to pieces. Now it's time for feelguy to rip and tear his way back to find his old buddy.

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