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Who are the best scripters in the Doom community?

I've got some technical stuff in my levels and some of them haven't actually been implemented in level sets that I have seen and I've realized that while I can implement "visual" parts of a level, the "behind the scenes" stuff is just painful and I'd like to hit some people up for help given how easily some folks have pulled things off.

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How fast do you work on things?

I'm drawing out the details of a map I'm making and I'm thinking at every step of the process and I can get maybe a room done in a day and I'm wondering if that's slow as hell or reasonable.

I see how fast some people churn out maps and it's amazing, like they can make in a month what I'd make in a year.

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>music choice in WADs

Does anybody think it's "overproducing" to put non-MIDI music in a wad? I don't want to believe it but I do.
Also hypocritical of me because playing old Metallica albums while blasting through Hell Revealed was such amazing fun.

Is it just people picking inappropriate music for oggs?
I could see using them in larger file maps/GZDoom maps I suppose.

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>Implying they won't team up.

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>NuDoom is the dehumanization of Doomguy

>shows genuine anger and contempt for Hayden's careless attitude about people dying
>REALLY hates Olivia Pierce, the one responsible for some of the worst of the demon bullshit as of late
>webm related

He's more human than before, he's been in hell fucking things up for eons, gets trapped, breaks out of his stone prison butt naked and REALLY mad. The guy's just tired of this bullshit and people thinking they control the warp fuckery that is Hell itself. Just like how in the original Doom he was sent to Mars because he put a superior officer in a body cast because he didn't want to gun down civilians.

Doomguy has and always will be just a very mad, righteous guy.

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Holy crap how could a guy that worked on Doom 1 think that would make a good doom game.
He even said it was Doom 3 taken even further. No one liked Doom 3 as a Doom game.

I still respect him though. He should have just worked on RAGE instead.
I thank everyone who worked on D44M it was a great game.

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Yeah, I saw, saved both anyway

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Sex is only gonna make me feel good for a few minutes, maybe a few hours. A new Doom tailor made for me will make me feel good for a life time. I choose Doom.

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