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The Shinji/Asuka relationship is my favorite in any anime, ever.

Remember that scene where Shinji wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Asuka lying beside him. He gets horny and attempts to kiss her, but she mutters "mama" in her sleep and Shinji decides to turn around and go back to sleep. The realization that Asuka is just as disgusting as he is and hates herself just as much as he does because she has a bunch of traumas makes him feel sorry for her. The image of Asuka as a perfect girl is completely shattered and Shinji is put off by it. He sees himself in her and that disgusts him.

People think Asuka is just a "tsundere" bitch for no reason, but she's actually just an edgier female Shinji.

She has mommy issues because her mom lost her mind and tried to force her to commit suicide together. That's why she is so obsessed with being perfect and having everyone praise her. That's why she wants Kaji to fuck her silly. She needs someone's approval and praise.

When she hears about Shinji's battles in her way to Japan, she falls in love with him. But then she is extremely disappointed when Shinji turns out to be a little bitch. She gives up on Kaji because she's just a brat to him, so she tries to be lewd with Shinji in order to get him to man up and fuck her. But he keeps acting like a little bitch and makes Asuka hate his guts.

When Shinji surpasses her as a pilot and she fails to kill several angels, her image as the perfect human being shatters and all the disgusting shit she's been hiding behind that persona comes flowing out. And then she is mind raped by the mind rape angel in her last battle, making her realize that she's a complete shit.

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