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>Remember when at E3 Bethesda talked about lore and making a "Doom Universe" post etental out of the pointless lore of Doom 2016? Who the fuck even cares. Who the GODDAMN FUCK CARES. WE CARED MORE ABOUT DOOMGUY'S FUCKING RABBIT THAN ANY OF THIS DEMONIC BULLSHIT THAT HAS NO BEARING ON THE GAMES and will probably never EVER intersect the actual story of the games

I'm just genuinely mad on this fucking point so I'll continue. Just... who the fuck cares about 2016's lore but youtube creators? WHO?
The originals were pretty low bars for writing but oh dear god who in the hell thought trying to build an elder scrolls style lore and potential franchise out of doom 2016's setting was a good idea?

Doomguy 2016 has no connection to anyone on the ground level in the world he inhabits, something even Master Chief has, or hell, even Space Marines have more connection to the common man than 2016 Doomguy. That kind of shit is NECESSARY for making a gameworld that a player cares about, this is why every franchise makes you an everyman so you have a reason to care if the world gets destroyed. NuDoomguy doesn't and we've seen that. He also doesn't care about demonic politics or whatever hierarchy they have.
Who cares about the sentinels? Who cares about any of this pointless bullshit? Why fill up my inventory with notifications about Codex entries? WHY?

>I don't see it as a replacement for Doom, I just see it as a different view to it.
I'm fine with this. The only problem is it seems to be shifting a lot of retrospect sentiments about what OG Doom was, or was about. People like GGMGTOWlives saying doom was never meant to be scary or be anything close to survival horror because all they see now is the power fantasy of nudoom and a few statements from Romero about doom being fast and action.

The secret sauce of OG doom was the balance of those two aspects, the limited horror/action movie struggle and the power fantasy upon overcoming it.

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Moshi Moshi, secret Baberu update desu
So this is mainly just for the people who like to unzip stuff. I've added a bunch of commenting to a bunch of files, but I'm a bit stuck on monsters so I sort of just cheaped out and decided to upload this unofficial update. If you have interest in modding, or are a modder, and want to take the time to go through the code of my mod and see if there's something that needs explaining but isn't explained, please do. Also if you play it and it crashes please reply.
Just be warned, some of the code may give you panic attacks, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, hair loss, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, and the urge to reverse the industrial revolution.

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Mine was a gift from someone else for christmas so I can't even check the fucking tracking.

I don't care, I'm just going to bubble my own opinion and wait until I can play it. This community would be disappointed even if Mordeth was finished and it was god's gift to man.

I don't even remember Romero hyping Sigil up that much as something THAT AMAZING. We got that 1 video + the dev streams.

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>implying I'm not a mid-20s permavirgin with more cash than romantic prospects
Heheh... yeah

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