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>July 9th 2016

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>Our face when we have the sourcecode and sit on it while teasing social networks

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Most likely Atari doesn't have it. They needed to be reminded they have the rights to the game before releasing it on Steam.
However the guys in this pic, and Matt Saettler who was tagged present in the room, most likely do.

Being able to play at high resolutions at higher framerate (the game is demanding on DOSBox, on my old 2,5ghz dualcore I could only play at 320*200)
True widescreen support.
Easier/better online support
Glitch fixing. For instance that one glitch which changes how much enemies damage deal to you if you load a save during a level.
It will also mean that a lot of people (read: morons) will actually get to the play Blood, and not a shitty recreation of it. It will also crush all these recreations into nothingness where they belong.

At this point we don't even know if the guy complaining really played Blood. Several times I heard people complain about Blood on /vr/ and they in fact never played it and played BloodCM.

The one thing I don't like about how Blood it that a lot of levels, past the shareware episode, are very barebones, underdetailed. I think they had a philosophy of "quantity of quality", but in the end it's something I got over and I'm glad the game has so many levels.

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