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It is simplistic, in that it's drawing an example. Literally everything you mentioned, textures, lighting, sees diminishing returns. We will never again see a leap in graphical quality like n64 to gamecube, and it's completely due to the fact that once you double your resolution size on a model, texture, shadow, lighting, it will take a huge leap and then slowly build.

There's literally no other way of looking at it. You're arguing with facts.

Yes, obviously PS4 looks better than PS3, but the upgrade in graphical quality is not as large as PS2 to PS3, PS1 to PS2, etc.

Therefore we can't use the same time scale for making games considered retro. It's literally growing slower, so it has to age slower, or at this rate when games become nearly photorealistic, they will be considered retro simply because they are 10 years old or whatever.

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