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>Retro VGS
You fucking fell for that scam? At least with the Mister thing, if you have the knowhow you can build it yourself from off the shelf parts, it's all open source. Meanwhile, the Retro VGS was vaporware from the get go, I don't think they even had a prototype.

Shit on Pat if you want, I think he's a stupid fucking goofball, but the Retro VGS was in no way a good idea.

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is this some really fucking lame raid or something

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>Most will probably need several revisions

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>those backgrounds

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>you threw yours away as a kid.
>implying he isn't a 19 year old that just got into N64 collecting 6 months ago and bought all of his games off of eBay complete with Blockbuster rental stickers and sharpie marker

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>Zelda 1 sales: 6.5m
>Zelda 2 sales: 4.5m
>established IP with no YouTube reviewers telling you the game sucks still sells 2m less than a brand new IP
>b-but dude you're like memeing and shit, nobody disliked Zelda 2

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Try again faggot. Worldwide sales are 84m for 360, 80m for PS3.

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>it took gzdoom 4+ minutes to start playing a midi

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>they even do it to Goldeneye, which most people cite as the superior rare shooter anyway.
>worse in every single way

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The Ninja Warriors

UN Squadronwhich is based off a great manga and ova

Wild Guns

Shin Megami Tensei 2 if you like old CRPGs

And Dragon's View

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>thinking of plugging my Dreamcast into my computer monitor to play them sweet games on my second screen
>Bangai-O isn't compatible

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