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Yeah, I found that one too but I didn't post it because not retro.

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This is the real reason why many pseuds hate Eva, right? Because it's "entry level"/popular by today's standards.
It's a shame you missed out on actually watching Eva when it was new, so your hipster ass could enjoy it without prejudices.

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>look kinda lame

I actually think the Evas look badass, but yeah, they aren't the super armored, multicolored multi-part mechas that manufacturers like Ban Dai like to produce.
It's known that, for example the original RX-78 was going to be grey, but they kind of forced Tomino to make it more colorful to make it more eye-candy and sell it as a toy.
That's why, as I said, the first ones to pick up the Eva franchise as a sponsor, and make toys for it, was Sega. Ban Dai jumped ship later on.

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