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In End of Evangelion, Asuka is in a coma after the mind rape. Shinji visits her in the hospital, but he's given up on life after having to kill his gay friend, so he ends up masturbating and cumming all over her tits because that's the only thing that can comfort him now.

Asuka eventually realizes that her mother's soul is inside her EVA unit and that she didn't really hate her, so she wakes up just in time to beat the shit out of the mass produced EVAs. But she loses the battle and her enemies tear apart the EVA, eating its intestines and shit. She experiences its pain because she's fully mentally synchronized with it. And since they were using the lance of Longinus, she is also physically torn apart too inside the entry plug, dying in a horrible way.

After Shinji and Rei turn all of humanity into tang and all their minds become one, both Shinji and Asuka get to understand each other's feelings and share all of their memories. That's when Asuka realizes that he jacked off all over her tits. In the end, Shinji gets CONGRATULATION'D and decides to come out of the sea of tang, regaining his physical body and individual mind. He makes it so that any human who got tanged can come back if they really wish to regain individuality. He wakes up only to find that Asuka is already untanged and that they are the only people in the world. He immediately regrets coming back to a shitty apocalyptic world and strangles Asuka out of frustration. Or perhaps he wants to make sure that he's no longer tang. Asuka is about to die, but Shinji stops strangling her when she caresses his face and says "kimochi warui". They can finally understand each other because they were temporarily a single mind while they were tang.

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