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Just finished playing the first three episodes of Douk 3D for the first time. It was good fun.

A few questions though
>Why is throwing pipe bombs pretty fucky sometimes
>How many use cases do tripwire bombs even have and is the red laser being glitchy an eDuke32 thing
>Are Build engine games in general much more focused around liberal explosive use and a fragile protagonist

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He's manly, macho, confident, powerful, wisecracking and funny, but also self-centered, kind of a meathead, and a bit of an asshole. He's not a complex character, but he has personality.
He's an endearing parody of classic action movie heroes, being both funny, but also genuinely cool in some ways, as well as sympathetic; alien bastards stealing our chicks is a serious problem which he is dedicated to solving, as I play, I'm invested in this plot point, even if there's little narrative and it's just for flavoring.

And this is good because though there's many levels which are a bit silly or just generic action, some levels are serious, and even quite dark and grim, especially the darker lit ones with a gloomy tune, and featuring captured women, begging for death. Duke Nukem himself is the shining golden beacon of comedic relief to all this (but not TOO comedic), and is an excellent juxtaposition for the game's more dark and serious moments, in a way, I want to say he is what lets the game achieve it's "sweet and sour flavor".
When it's just him and the Overlord, having their showdown, Duke grimly announces his intent to "Rip off his head and shit down his neck." A threatening taunt before a battle, Duke has plenty of one-liners to bring for combat, but this one is different. As Duke defeats the Overlord, you seem him tear the Overlord's head off, then take off his gear, unzip his pants, sit down on the creature's neck stump, and take out a newspaper, as he whistles his theme tune.
It was not just some smack talking or empty words, he said that, he meant it, and he goes through with it, because he is full of bravado and capability, and will go through extreme lengths to humiliate and disrespect his worst enemies. It's hilarious, and it's absolutely badass.

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>what makes Duke such a badass besides the literal manifested power of ego?
why would he require anything else

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Is the Duke Nukem world tour episode already translated to EDuke compatible? I want to play the new episode, but I don't want to give any money to Randy Pitchfork.

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I think Cena is buff enough to pass as Douk, but he has a babyface. Cena is too friendly looking guy. Perhaps he could have some five o clock shadow or something. His voice is also not that Dirty Harry type Douk's voice is well known for. His WWE character talks in nignoggian, but I wonder if he could talk with deep macho voice.

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>... Duke catches his breath; "I never knew how much I wanted this."
>"UNF." his newfound lover replies, wiping the saliva off his helmet's filter

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Hahaha, and I just checked the steam database stats for the megaton edition and 20th anniversary edition, and megaton edition still has more regular players than the new 20th anniversary edition. Sure the megaton edition is older, but the 24 hour peak is still higher for megaton edition. Get fucked, Randy Pitchfork!

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You mean Aliens Say Your Prayers

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So, when are we going to play Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton in coop together with /vr/ bros?

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Duke Nukem 3D
Independence Day
Lion bar and/or a 1,5l bottle of generic supermarket cola

These are the ingredients of awesome Friday night. I wish I was still a kid.

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This. I already fell for the Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines memes, and I'm never ever going to support GearBox and Randy Pitchfork again.

Thank god I managed to get the classic Douk games and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition to my collection before they got removed from steam store. I even have the regular DN3D in my steam and gog collections. The shittiest part is that new players have no legal way to obtain the classic regular version of DN3D without supporting Randy and his goons and getting the butchered nu-Duke. They can always pirate the original gog version and the megaton edition, and that's just sad.

One of the greatest things about modern digital copies is that you can buy the old classics and still support the devs years after the physical release has been out of print, and you can't even do that anymore without giving money to Randy and gearbox.

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I never liked the pistol either. It's too weak and wimpy. It even has a very weak sound effect and the loading sounds like a can of cola being crushed.

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That joke doesn't even make any sense. Why not just say something ironically xenophobic instead of stating it being just xenophobic? Wouldn't Duke Nukem of all the characters in the world be considered xenophobic anyway? He's after aliens who literally rape our wimmin.

Not to get too political here, but if Duke was a real person he would be voting for Trump, and he would constantly be the target of social justice warriors for being a "bigot".

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Yeah, like I said, you need to take it cool.

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>Samsara? What a piece of shit.

Did somebody actually get John St John to record that or is it somebody's best Douk impression?

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>playing Duke Nukem 3D
>"Is that Duke Nukem?"

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