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>dreamcast is dead
>some guy I know has a N64 with 2 controllers and a bunch of games
>tell him I'd trade my DC for his N64
>he smirks as he thinks he's getting the long end of the stick
>I give him my dreamcast with 1 controller and 2 games: sonic adventure and mdk2
>he gives me his N64 with the Expansion pak, 4 controllers and Mario Party, Excitebike, Road Rash , Destruction Derby, Mission Impossible, Goldeneye and Smash Bros.
>fastforward to 2021
>the expansion pak alone is worth about the same as a dreamcast

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>Makes total sense
Thank You

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Day, E!
Day, E Tone

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>He may also well be a closet druggie

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Fuck sorting, I'm snorting cocaine right the fuck now. Want some, bitch?

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Mike Matei at 3 am during a stream break be like

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>ywn do coke rounds with the cinemassacre crew
why even live

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My opinion > Your opinion

Try to prove me wrong: YOU CAN'T

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Not mine, but I love this pic.

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cont. once again my friends.
>Rayman is awesome. My friend says the Saturn version is the best and the Jaguar version is really interesting but very expensive (he payed a good chunk of dosh for a complete copy of that version back in 2011.) I speak from experience of the PS1 version.
>After Burner is fun with lots of shooty tooty point and rootying in the sky with faux 3D. Don't have a Master System? Play MIG-29 Soviet Fighter by Codemasters on the NES. It's like Top Gun but good.
>Comix Zone is a totally radical beat em up on the Sega Genesis. It was so cool it was even featured on a Lunchables promo tape!
>Fzero is awesome and so are it's ROMhacks. Fzero X is even more awesome and so are it's ROMhacks. Fzero GX is super super 1337 smack a bitch and blow your nose on sandpaper awesome but I can't talk about it here, and there are no ROMhacks
>Delta Force is awesome but only if you are super tacticool. I have no idea if this is retro or not but it does run on Windows 95.
>Longbow Gold is a dogfight game that all of you motherfuckers need to try on LAN
>Street Fighter 2 is awesome and I am heavily biased toward the Genesis version.
>Dong Country is great. I have not played 2 or 3 but I really want to play 2 someday. Dong 64 is also a fun collectathon.
>Die Hard Trilogy need I say more? Go play that shit right now it's tight.
>Bomberman Hero and Bomberman The Second Attack are great. The Second Attack is my favorite, but it's really expensive. I'm lucky to own a cart. It's one of my favorite N64 games. I have not played Bomberman 64 or the Japanese Bomberman 2001 but my friend has those and says they are both great.
>Ghouls and Ghosts is hands down one of the best Genesis games. THE SNES ONE FUCKING CHOKES ON /d/'s GENITALIA AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. The slowdown is unbearable in that version.

Pic related if you want to get into collecting OP

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i will never own this game

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