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Take your waifu shit to /v/.

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When you meet Ayla I guess.

Or maybe when you recruit Magus. If you're still not digging it at this point, then it's safe to drop it I guess.

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been playing chrono trigger on ps1, load times suck ass.
just saw how cheap chrono trigger is for super famicom, might pick it up.

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best girl?

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>Google got me jackshit so I'm gonna have to ask. What game?
Legend of the Batkos Duo

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>CT required strategy sometimes, without your bullshit rules Magus had to be hit with a certain element, some monster had to be hit right after he used some tornado tech or whatever
Magus and Masamune are exceptions, not the rule, specially in a long game with MANY bosses.

>But the battles weren't exactly "press A to win"
I never said the battles were "press A to win" in my post, i said the game becomes more challenging and interesting TO ME when I do those things.

>So your post just sounds like autism
I don't see why, i just talked about what i do to improve the difficult factor of jrpgs after i've beaten them once playing the normal way.

You should be able to understand these things, but i'm not surprised that you do not. Someone who makes stupid assumptions out of simple statements like that and throw around random insults like "autism" trying to discredit someone you disagree with must not be a very intelligent person anyway. So i don't really expect much of you.

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A month ago I downloaded Chrono Trigger off the VC. I'm playing it for the first time. It's good but... I don't see the big deal. I'm right where you meet Flea for the first time, so still pretty early in the game, but I'm not seeing the mind blowing epicness.

How was your first time playing it?

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We are certainly in the minority good sir. I agree with you for the most part about the gameplay. SoM is simpler than SD3 and some people like that while others don't. I do however disagree when it comes to graphics. I feel SD3 has better graphics as it should since it came out a couple of years later than SoM. SD3 feels like it had a higher production value to me as well.

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