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Yeah their attack is quite good, I like it.

I would not say they're overused but their art style is a liiiitle bit different, I can sort of do decorate so I might be able to cook up something.

Better than my cyberdemon with the drunken missile launcher anyway.

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Can you give us a general description of your level?
How do you go about imagining it's flow?

Honestly, I cant map too well in the style that ID did, I need to have a general feel given of what the entire level represents rather than a specific area in the level. I dont think I explain that too well, I'd never try totally realistic as that can sometimes detract from play but I hope you know what I mean.

How I'm planning the flow for my first map is it's divided into areas that are somewhat like set piece battles, connected by a more ''hub'' like area.

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I see your point, but I can see on there he *does* accept some submissions.

This does not make him an asshole to me though I think he's misguided in turning down valid submissions, I mean, it's just another tool in the box? Why would he do that? That's silly of him. Overall though I appreciate the work he's done and that others have done with it (such as GZDoom builder)

I appreciate the work he's doing but
>doom purist

I hate this attitude as well to be honest, doom purists stifle creativity.

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