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Recommend me some good megawads/packs I've already played just about everything in pic related

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If you're using the drag and drop method to load mods then you need to select both, otherwise using something like ZDL.
Read the OP.

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okay retard.
What mod on this list is randomly generated?

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There's still quite a fair deal of mods that hold up fine, but there's definitely some older stuff such as OMG Weapons & Monsters that nobody talks about, I don't even know what the fuck the deal is with Doom 4-like mods either, and of course there's ZScript stuff too. Also that GMOTA finally got past the 1.0 release hurdle.

The scope of the first is already fuckhuge, but a second optional image to augment coverage to pretty much everything well worth playing could be nice. Perhaps more game recommendations at the end of it too.

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Its a video version of pic related, basically, if you haven't seen it before you might find something new in there

I posted a preview of it last thread, got some much needed feedback and now Im doing some changes based on that
I tightened up the editing considerably and its now 5 minutes instead of 15, so Im using the extra space to add more stuff, maybe reach the 10 minute mark again and wrap things up
here's the original if you wanna take a look

any advice would be welcome, Im pretty much a scrub when it comes to video editing

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Maybe something from this image, i guess
I'd also add Requiem, 300 minutes of /vr/, High Noon Drifter, Meta Doom, Final Doomer and Plutonia Revisited

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Pic related is from August. When'll the next update be?

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Desuarchive has been bumping into all kinds of problems. I'll post it here and see if it picks up this.

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Check the OP next time.

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i5 2400
Radeon RX 560 2GB
And yes I'm sorry I was pretty vague. I saw this little thread on /v/ about doom wads a couple days ago and It peaked my interest in Doom again. I've been playing some wads, mostly megawads, with zandorum and was having no problems with fps. Until I tried this large wad, Comatose.
I should have posted the specs from the start, sorry.

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It's called lookstrafe. The Steam version of Doom doesn't allow you to disable that so I recommend looking into a sourceport. GZDoom allows you to disable lookstrafe in addition to running the game in higher resolutions.
Also pic related.

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I still have this.

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>not using the most up to date version

Best list in the thread, except I dunno about HaloDoom, it's more of an "A for effort" kind of project rather than a fun recommendation
I like Halo, I like Doom, but I couldn't get into it at all

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A) Drag and drop the wads into gzdoom and launch from there
B) Use the command line and type "gzdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file <filename>
C) Use a launcher like ZDL to just do this shit automatically

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v8 of So You Want To Play Some Fucking Doom.
Added a couple more wads, redid the Newschool section in light of the death of ZDoom, fixed the iwad link, and since I've seen a lot of questions along the lines of "why isn't my mod showing up on the start list???" I added a section about that, too.
I'd say this is pretty much complete, honestly. Unless something dramatically changes in the future (another source port comes out, iwad links die again, etc), there isn't gonna be much need for updates.

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