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Well, it had one at least. Sucks that it's a disney one though. But who knows, maybe it's good. It's a Konami game after all, could've been worse I guess. I wonder if Saturn got any rhythm game, it was a genre that was more present in the 00s than in the 90s, so it's kind of a surprise the genre even had any presence on 5th gen consoles at all.
I never really liked Parappa, or the jammer one, very janky, not as polished as Konami's stuff.
People seem to love these games, but I think it's more because of the characters than anything else (not to mention furries, I guess)
Oh hi, trashure shitposter. Rent free!
>Bangai-O is better on the Dreamcast though.
Debatable, I used to think that as well, but over time and upon actually played Bangai-O on original hardware, I came to like the original better.
This is a neat video that talks about all the little differences between the two for anyone interested, there's more differences than one might initially think. I actually see both versions as separate entries, so I don't really think one has to replace the other, you can enjoy both for different reasons, I just think the N64 is more rewarding for skilled players (and plays naturally better on a N64, especially using the left-hand position, which is the one the devs themselves recommend. A bit hard to get used to it, but once it clicks, you can never go back)

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On ebay, yes, but if you search on japanese auction sites, you can see it sells for $130 or so, box and all. Still I'm glad I got it for $60. And it seems it doesn't show up that often on japanese auctions either... but the archived auctions I see all ended around there, $130 or so, always with a bunch of bids though.
A complete US version of Bangai-O goes for the same amount as the N64 one too, $130 or so. But the japanese version is a bit cheaper, like $70.
In general, Bangai-O had a small print run. I'm surprised it isn't more expensive, either version, it's a great game.

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I always forget how much I love the soundtrack.
Also like the fact you're nonchantantly nuking whole cities like a fucking death god, but this cute comfy music plays in the background:

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Oh I agree, I just mean OP wants to stir up shit, he especially wants to trigger shmup autists by saying Ikaruga is the best shmup ever.

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Both versions are fine, N64 one is more challenging (and controls for this game were made with the N64's controller in mind, using the face buttons on DC to shoot isn't the ideal way to play), but DC version has more impressive graphics and some different boss fights. It's worth playing both versions, probably DC is better for people new to the game.

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>missile fury
It's a shame there's no longer hilarious nonsensical banter between characters though

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The classic "Treasure style" is HAN, many people love him, but others don't. I'm more on the love side, I think he's a good artist but I can understand how some might feel he's too "uguu". I pity the people that grew up with these kind of misconceptions about anime and manga, through memes, instead of actually experiencing them without previous conceptions.
I played Gunstar Heroes and Mischief Makers back then, and while I noticed the characters looked japanese-y, I didn't think of them as "anime", they were just vidya, like Mega Man.
The character designer for S&P was another guy, not HAN.

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>defending console wars
Talk about the fucking Dreamcast.

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>Also on Dreamcast you can only hold 5 explosions instead of 10 in reserve

Yeah but in N64 you need to collect fruit to build the missile meter. You hardly can collect 10 bars all the time, in later later levels especially where things get more strategic instead of shooting away.

>The DC game rewards you by using your bombs intelligently instead of going around collecting oranges

it's the other way around, since you need to collect fruit to charge the super, that means you'll be short of it and can't use it all the time.
On DC version you have 5 supers right out the bat and you can use it anytime. Most of the time you don't really need more than 1 or 2.
On N64 version you need to save supers for bosses, not really a thought while playing DC.

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Not even Treasure's best ShooTing Game.

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>Nice blog

I didn't write anything about my personal life... are you OK anon? Long posts don't make it automatically a blog post. And my post wasn't even that long, don't be lazy.

It's OK, I think it's good that we can play both versions. I don't think the DC one is more balanced, I think it's just easier and less complex, but it's still nice and it has extra content, so it's worth playing.

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Does anyone know if Bangai-O supports any kind of arcade stick? I tried using the official Agetec one and shooting with ABXY works, but C and Z don't work and those are needed for switching characters and using the bombs.

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They were very passionate guys who did some of the best action games of the 90s. Practically all of their games in the 90s were god-tier so I won't name them one by one. Even Mc Donald's Treasure Land was a great platformer, a lot better than what you'd expect from a licensed McD game.

I think that passion toned down over the years, probably as they grew older, but still remained with that remarkable quality their games have.
Speaking non-retro, Astro Boy Omega Factor on the GBA was one of the best games on the GBA's catalogue (and that handheld as quite a big catalogue full of great games). I think some people didn't like the new Gunstar Advance Heroes, haven't tried it myself. I did try the Bangai-O game for the DS, but I only played it for too long, it seemed more puzzle-focused, rather than frenetic action like the original, but I can't judge it because I barely played the first few missions which were mostly tutorials.
Sin and Punishment 2 on the Wii was one of my favorite games of the past gen as well, it was probably the last "big" title Treasure did.

I think they still got it, but they need funding, cause they're a very small developer.

I hope they don't die and become a mobile-only developer. It seems they're also trying with Steam, releasing Ikaruga there.

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